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Κατόπιν προκλήσεως του Κροτιδίου σας ανακοινώνω το κανούργιο μου CD ελέω Wiki...

Τίτλος του Άλμπουμ: Sound Shattering Sound [is the major label debut by Perth post-grunge band Gyroscope released on June 14, 2004 in Australia and debuted a week later on the Australian album charts in the top 40.]
(όπως βλέπετε ξεκινάω με αγριες διαθέσεις και "έτοιμο" υλικό!)

1. Rémi Gaillard is a French prankster ailing from the city of Montpellier. He gained a certain amount of attention in the French media after performing a well-documented series of pranks, including a famous appearance disguised as a Lorient football player in the 2002 Coupe de France final match where he would eventually take part on the celebrations and even greet the then president of France Jacques Chirac. So far Gaillard has appeared in several sport events, TV game shows and even political rallies, normally breaking the security measures easily.
(μολονότι άργησα να ασχοληθώ μαζί της, η γαλλική γλώσσα μου άφησε το κουσούρι της ενασχόλησης με τους κωμικούς της όπως ο Νικολά λε Γκρέκ, φυσικά σε γαλλικό ποπ ρυθμό)
2. The Statue of Judgement is a fictional structure in the
Judge Dredd comic strip in 2000 AD. It is a mammoth statue of a Mega-City Judge, built in Mega-City One where New York City once was, next to the Statue of Liberty. In some stories it has been called the Statue of Justice. It first appeared in 2000 AD prog 7 in 1977.
(εννοείται πως δεν θα άφηνα απέξω την ιδιάζουσα αίσθησή μου περί δικαιοσύνης, ούτε τις καταιγιστικές επιρροές των κόμικς)
3. Booragul is a
suburb of the City of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, and is located north-northeast of the town of Toronto on the western shore Lake Macquarie.It contains the Booragul railway station on the Newcastle and Central Coast railway line.
(εδώ νιώθετε την αίσθηση που μου άφησε το ταξίδι μου στην Αυστραλία το 2000, τρεις μήνες πριν τους Ολυμπιακούς του Σίδνεϋ, σε hard rock νότες)
4. John Roland "Big John" Huard (Born
March 9, 1944 in Waterville, Maine) is a former National Football League linebacker and Canadian Football League coach.
(tribute στους ελάχιστα γνωστούς ποδοσφαιριστές της βορείου Αμερικής, σε στυλ country)
5. Sierra Leone National Premier League is the top football league in
Sierra Leone. It was founded in 1967. The league is sponsored by the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank. East End Lions and Mighty Blackpool and the two biggest and most successful clubs. The National Premier League is controlled by the Sierra Leone Football Association.
(ακόμα ένα tribute song στους αγωνιζόμενους ποδοσφαιριστές της Σιέρα Λεόνε, όπου κυριαρχούν ταμπούρλα και τύμπανα)
6. Shorea belangeran is an evergreen or semievergreen tree, native to Indonesia
(μιάς και πιάσαμε τις εξωτικές τοποθεσίες, καιρός να ασχοληθούμε και με τη χλωρίδα τους, το παρόν εκφράζεται με καθαρό heavy metal άκουσμα)
7. Helicia albiflora is a species of
plant in the Proteaceae family. It is endemic to Papua New Guinea. It is threatened by habitat loss.
(ακόμα ένα δείγμα εξωτικής χλωρίδας το οποίο εκφράζεται μέσα από ροκ-εθνίκ πινελιές)
8. "Sedition " is the sixth episode of season two of the
CBS drama Jericho. It was broadcast on March 18, 2008.
(το σάουντρακ του επεισοδίου σε πιο υποβλητική παραλλαγή)
9. Bill Keith (b.
December 20, 1939 is a five-string banjoist who made a significant contribution to the stylistic development of the instrument. In the 1960s he introduced a variation on the popular "Scruggs style" of banjo playing (an integral element of bluegrass music) which would soon become known as melodic style, or "Keith style."
(ένα ακόμα tribute song, στο οποίο κυριαρχεί το μπάντζο)
10. Skalleluia Too! was the fourth full length album by the
Christian third-wave ska band, The Insyderz, and was the second of their albums dedicated to ska renditions of worship songs, it was released on October 26, 1999.
(τι άλλο; Πειραματισμός με το «σκα» (τι είναι αυτό ρε παίδες;))
11. Actias is a
genus of Saturniid moths. The majority of this genus eat Sweetgum, Pine, or similar tree. As with all Saturniidae, the adults of Actias do not possess functional mouths. The lifespan of the adult moth is from a few days to a week.
(αποδίδω μια παραλλαγή του γνωστού «Μια ω-ραία πεταλούουουδα»!)
12. Ron Smith is an award-winning American poet and the first writer-in-residence at the
St. Christopher's School in Richmond, Virginia. He is the author of Running Again in Hollywood Cemetery and Moon Road. Together with Elizabeth Seydel Morgan, he was one of the first two winners of the Carole Weinstein Poetry Prize, given to poets associated with central Virginia. He is now one of the "curators" of the prize.[1]
(πρόκειται για ένα ποτ-πουρί στίχων του ανωτέρω, σε country εκτέλεση)
13. Kanto Gakuin University (関東学院大学, Kantō Gakuin Daigaku
?) is a private university located in Yokohama, Japan. The school's official English name is Mabie Memorial School.
(εδώ δίνουμε άλλη μια νότα εξωτισμού από τη χώρα του Ανατέλλοντος Ηλίου, σε εκτέλεση χαρακίρι)

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